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Hi po, tanong ko lang po kung ano ang ginagamit nyo para sa mga gifs nyo.?

Photoshop CS4 :)

Show Me Love (America) - The Wanted
Now I’m lost in the distanceYou look at me like a stranger'Cause how it looks right now to meNothing can save us
(C) The photo used does not belong to me.

Show Me Love (America) - The Wanted

Now I’m lost in the distance
You look at me like a stranger
'Cause how it looks right now to me
Nothing can save us

(C) The photo used does not belong to me.

You turn, turn, turn, turning me onLike a slow fire burnKnow that it’s wrongStill I run, run, run, run right into you
Run - Matt Nathanson feat. Sugarland
(C) #PPBold

You turn, turn, turn, turning me on
Like a slow fire burn
Know that it’s wrong
Still I run, run, run, run right into you

Run - Matt Nathanson feat. Sugarland

(C) #PPBold

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haha, thank you! medyo OC no? hahah. well, I didn’t make it from scratch. I usually get a theme (may credit siya sa lower right) tapos ineedit ko yung HTML ng theme para malagay yung mga gusto kong ilagay.

Julie: Ikaw na, ikaw na dude. Ikaw na.

Elmo: Sakin yan, sakin yan.

A Little Somethin’ Somethin’

So, I found this post while tumbling through my dashboard. I thought it was a good read and wanted to share it with all of you. Honestly, it made me think. Whether I’m doing this shipping thing right. I’ve shipped countless other couples before but man, the issues when it comes to Julie and Elmo. It’s something. So about this blog: it made me realize my role as a fan. On the other hand, it also helped me understand that in some ways, what I’m doing is okay, but sometimes, it really is not. And I hope you guys get enlightened too :) For the good of the fandom, yes?



So in a post today mostly unrelated to what I want to talk about, John Green stated, “It’s not okay to ship real people and other real people.” I respect John Green in all ways, but I disagree 100% with this statement, and I want to clear up why Real Person Fiction is not actually wrong.
The first important issue to cover is that RPF is not tinhatting is not harassment. If you ship something, you like to think about it, write about it, draw it, joke about it, talk about it with your friends, and it makes you happy in your own little corner of the world. This is okay. Tinhatting is when you believe your ship is really happening in real life and the Powers That Be are hiding it from you. This is also okay, until it becomes harassment, which is when you throw your ship into the involved people’s faces repeatedly in spite of requests to stop and you say nasty stuff about their girlfriends to them and generally make everybody unhappy. This is never okay.
But that’s not what shipping is, and that’s not what RPF is. The first point I want to make here is that RPF is not actually about real people.
I love Chris Evans. Really. It’s embarrassing. I have watched a disgusting number of interviews and behind the scenes clips and read articles and accidentally collected a really stupid number of facts about him in my head. In my head, I have a fully fleshed out Chris Evans and I know who he is like the back of my hand.
The thing is, that is not really who Chris Evans is. I don’t know Chris Evans, and I never will. No matter how much fans watch and observe and learn about any celebrity, we will never know more than maybe, maybe, 20% of their personality. How do they handle conflict? What phrases set them off and hurt their feelings because of that thing that happened in high school? What did their mom say to them when they were 12 that totally traumatized them? How do they interact with their significant others differently than they do with their friends? We will never know.
And because we will never know, we fill in those missing details with what we want to be there, based on our own history and preferences and desires at the time. And we warp the things we do know to fit the image we want to have of that person. By the end of this process, we’ve created a mostly fictional character based off of Chris Evans. And the thing is, ever single person who is a fan of Chris Evans has a slightly different version of him living in their heads.
Now here’s the thing: We do the exact same thing with fictional characters. Every single person who has read Harry Potter has a slightly different version of Hermione living in their heads, based on what type of person they are. Every single person who reads Marvel has a different take on Tony Stark. Every single person who watched Sherlock has a slightly different version of John Watson that they think is right. This is not a weird or strange thing to do to people. We fill in the blanks.
Now let’s talk about RPF. Here’s the thing: RPF is a way for an author to tell a story they want to tell using characters that already have a built in audience. If I write about Chris Evans coming out to Tom Hiddleston, I am writing about a fictional construct based on Chris Evans coming out to a fictional construct based on Tom Hiddleston. Imagine that I have cast two actors to perform that story about coming out I wanted to write, and I had them keep their names, appearances, and maybe two personality traits each, in order to get my message out to an audience I know exists (their fans).
Sometimes RPF centers around real events, which initially might seem creepier, but really isn’t. This goes back to the “filling in the blanks” thing, where the author takes bits and pieces (the name of the event two people went to, that thing they said they did in that one interview) and warps it into whatever they need it to be to tell the story they want to tell. Because that’s what this is about: an author having a platform to tell a story based on characters based on real people s/he likes.
Another issue I assume Mr. Green might have is the lack of consent from the real people who are being shipped. The thing is, you can’t copyright a name or appearance, so there’s nothing illegal about shipping real people—but there’s also nothing illegal about paparazzi, and no one thinks that’s a good way to live your life. This brings us back to the point we must always remember: shipping is not tinhatting is not harassment. Shipping is fine. Harassment is not fine ever.
You might say then that it’s morally wrong, to ship someone with someone else against their will, but, again, we have to remember that to ship is to enjoy something in your own corner of the world. We can think whatever we want about people without their consent. There’s no way to avoid this and so there’s nothing morally wrong with it. I think my coworker is incompetent. I think my cousin needs to get a real degree and fix her life up. I think my friend needs to dump her loser boyfriend and get with this other guy who’s way better. All of these things are totally fine until I start spreading vicious rumors about my coworker, insulting my cousin, or trying to break up my friend and her boyfriend.
Because shipping is not tinhatting is not harassment.
There is nothing wrong with shipping real people with other real people.

We were apart but your heart never let go 
So thank you for showing me with one look 
What used to be and still is a possibility

Your Eyes Don’t Lie - David Archuleta

(C) @imMichelleCabz & @JuliElmo_Pexers for the pictures.

** Hi guys! I wanted to ask for your help kasi napalitan yung hard drive ko, kaya wala na kong kapicture picture ng JE :( So if you guys have any pictures of them somewhere online (photobucket, dropbox, etc.) and are willing to share, message me! :) Heartbroken over that folder still, it was so organized lol. Thank you! 

Textserye Series - “x”

Julie woke with a start when she felt her pillow vibrating madly. Again and again and again. She groaned. She knew setting her phone message settings to “notify until read” is a decision she would soon regret, but she didn’t think she would regret it this early.

She turned to her bedside table and saw the time. 7:26 AM.

Shaking her head, she fished her phone out from under her pillow and pressed the one and only button on the interface.

Elmo Magalona: Text Message

It was an immediate reaction. She never sat up on her bed that fast in her entire life. She started fixing her shirt and her hair before she slapped her hand on her forehead.

"Sira ka talaga, Julie Anne. Text lang yan, di house visit." Shaking her head, she slid the unlock button.

Good morning! Have a great day today! :) x

Her eyes zoomed in on the “x” in the message. The message was two sentences long but all she cared about was that tini tiny “x”. She promised herself that she wouldn’t be one of those girls who would overthink everything. But here she is, hyperventilating over the simple, used-to-be-meaningless letter.

A kiss? She blushed.

"Crap," she heard herself mumbling. What to reply? Should she be as cheerful? Mysterious? Should she put an “x" too? Damn this flirtexting rules.

Wait. Flirtexting?

She repeated the word over and over under her breath until she decided that it sounded completely ridiculous.

She typed a reply.

Good morning Moe! :) Ang aga mo yatang nagising? Saturday ngayon ah. May meeting ka ba?

She bit her lip. She quickly typed in an “x” at the end of her message, pressed “send”, put her phone on standby and returned it under her pillow. All in 5 seconds.

Almost immediately, her phone vibrated again.

Elmo Magalona: Text Message

Wala naman. I’m free for the day. I’m out for a run right now actually.

Oh? Keep your phone first then :) Baka mabangga ka pa sa poste. Hehehe.

Ah… I don’t really want to.

Ha… bakit naman? :P

I don’t know… parang, I have this need to talk to you, as if my morning couldn’t be made without hearing from you.

Julie lets out an almost inaudible squeak. Crap, crap, crap. Kilig, kilig, kilig. She dived under the covers and rolled around on her bed, a goofy smile tearing across her lips.

Cut the crap, Moe hahaha.

No, I’m serious! You’ve become part of my life routine, Julie. Di ako makagawa ng mga errands ko or makafocus properly sa work if we haven’t spoken. You’re literally my whole day. And my days are beautiful when you’re in them.

Breathe, Julie. Breathe. Now, type.

Moe, para ka lang gumagawa ng love letter sa pagkakeso mo hahaha. Ano bang nakain mo ngayon? :P

The airconditioner’s still turned on and yet Julie never felt so hot and so flustered, her heartbeat - way off from its normal pace.

It’s been 2 minutes and there still wasn’t any reply. She panicked. She reread all the messages she sent, wondering if she said anything wrong. Then it vibrated again.

Actually… I haven’t eaten anything yet. Care to join me? :)

Julie stared at her phone screen. Well… this is a first. A definite first. So that’s why it took a while for him to reply. Pinagisipan? Nahihiya?

She went under the covers again and even went under her pillow, her phone screen glaring brightly. She put her phone on standby for a moment and allowed herself to think. Oh my god, eto na yun, Julie. He’s asking you out. He’s asking you out. She covered her face with her hands and squealed, kicking her feet about. She felt dizzy, butterflies were not only fluttering in her stomach, they were threatening to fly out. Sudden burst of happiness and excitement.

Yes. Yes. Yes. To all of your invitations, baby.

Woah, baby? Agad agad?

Her phone vibrated again. Whoops, must’ve been a while, yung kilig moment ko, hehe.

I mean, okay lang kung di ka pwede. Totally okay. Alam ko medyo busy ka almost everyday.

She couldn’t help but giggle. Ang cute mo forever, Elmo Magalona. She buried her face in her pillow and composed herself before typing again. Holy. How do you erase this big of a smile off of someone’s face?

Okay, okay. Be cool about it, Julie Anne.

Elmo Magalona. Are you asking me out?

She could almost imagine him tripping over his own feet while running and then kicking himself for sending her such a question.

Um… yeah. Pero I swear, okay lang talaga kahit di ka pwede.

She shook her head. He just got even cuter.

Moe. I’d love to. x

Oh god, Julie Anne. Ang landi mo. Kilig kilig din pag may time, eh no?

Yes? Yes!!!

Masyado ka yatang masaya. ;)

Julie. I really, really like you. I know you know that I do. And I know that you like me too.

Wow, confident ka? :P

Don’t think I didn’t notice your kisses. xxx

Julie laughed. Maharot talaga tong lalaking to.

Oo na, oo na. I really, really like you too. Happy?

Yun naman pala. Eh di maliwanag na ngayon. ;)

I’ll take that date. Pero in one condition.

Huh? What’s that?

Now Julie can really imagine him pacing back and forth, suddenly worried. She tilted her head to the side. Cute pa rin.

Gahhhhh, Julie Anne. You sound like a lovesick puppy.

I want you to ask me again later, in person. Would you?

She bit her lower lip again as she read the reply. He’s the sweetest ever.

Over and over again. :) I’ll pick you up in an hour. I can’t wait to hear you say yes. x

Every Moment Counts - OneShot

She couldn’t stop smiling as he guided her backstage after their performance on the part 2 of Status: It’s Complicated. She was incredibly happy. She’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss him. Sure, they’ve been seeing each other during Party Pilipinas rehearsals but they haven’t exactly had the time to talk and to just be together because of the stress of work. He had school. She had other appearances for GMA’s Regional TV. Needless to say, she was grateful for this day. A day to be herself and to be with him.

"Magpapalit lang ako," she said, as they reached the green room backstage. He nodded. “Hurry back." She pecked him quickly on the lips before starting to make her way to her dressing room as he plopped down on the couch.

He shushed the other artists when they threw kissy faces at him and teased him about their cheesiness; still, he couldnt get that silly grin off his face. As he was about to take his phone out to check Twitter, she popped her head back in. “Ikaw ba?”

He smiled sheepishly. “Nakalimutan ko sa van yung damit ko eh.” She playfully rolled her eyes, and he laughed. She waved him off and finally made her way to her dressing room.

A second later, Tita Marivic popped her head in. “Elmo, hintayin ko nalang kayo ni Julie sa labas ah?”

"Ah, okay po." He nodded.

"Gusto mo bang sayo nalang siya sumabay papuntang Pampanga?"

"Yun oh!" sabi ni Kris. Elmo shot him a murderous look and he just bursts into laughter with the other boys.

He wasn’t sure whether he heard her correctly. “Po?”

Tita Marivic gave him a knowing smile before closing the door.

"Ano bang meron ngayon at napakaswerte mo?" Derrick said as he sat down beside Elmo.

"Nagaccumulate na yata yung pogi points ko. Kiniclaim ko na yung prize." He joked.

"Ano to, arcade?"

"You play to win naman dun diba? In this case, I’m winning. If not, I already won."


Thank you, Tita.

"Lika na?"

His head shot up when he heard her voice. He looked at her from head to toe and couldn’t help but stare for a minute. He had the right to, anyway. She is his girlfriend.

The dress. It was the one that he got her when they went to LA. He smiled at the memory. Her hair was pulled back to a ponytail and so her shoulders and arms were bare. Her earrings, also from him. And as per usual, the heels she was wearing makes her legs look a mile long. Oh, hot damn.

Derrick smirked. “Oy Julie, mukhang di ka yata narinig. Medyo busy. Busy sa pagtitig.”

His attention snapped back to her and he swallowed hard. “Uh, yeah, lika na.” He held out his hand and she took it willingly. He let out a sigh of relief as they exited the green room. “Ang tagal mo, kinawawa ako nina Kris at Derrick.” He whined cutely.

"Elmo Magalona, were you blushing?" Julie said as she intertwined their fingers. She let him pull her along the corridors of the studio.

"No…" and yet he turned fifty shades of red darker. “Uh huh. Sabi mo eh." She gripped him tighter and held onto his harm with her other hand. “Clingy," he teased.

She scoffed and threatens to let go. “Di ka pwedeng mamiss, ganun? And you’re changing the subject!”

"Aww, you know I’m kidding," he said, kissing the top of her head and pulling her closer. “I missed you too. A lot. Medyo napaobvious yata kasi sabi ni Tita sa akin ka nalang daw sumabay papuntang Pampanga," he rubbed the back of his neck with his free hand.

"What? Sabi talaga ni Mama?" She, too, was a little surprised. “Ano nanamang pangpacute ang ginawa mo?" She teased.

"Wala! Nagulat nga rin ako eh. Good shot na talaga ako kay Tita. Hehe."


She suddenly let go of his hand and he gave her a questioning look. She nodded towards the fans who were currently watching their every move. They both smiled and waved.

Julie looked around the parking lot. “Nauna na yata sila Mama?”

Elmo nodded and gestured towards the van that was coming towards them. “Yup. Lika na, baka malate tayo,” he said, sliding the door open.

"Conscious ka na pala sa time ngayon?"

He pouted.

"Hehe. Joke lang. Alam ko namang gusto mo lang akong solohin eh," she said, half teasing.

"Oh baby, you know me so well."

And he slid the doors shut.



"Bakit di ka pa magbihis?"

"Excited ka?" And she nudged him hard on his ribs.

Tumawa lang si Elmo. “If I can count the number of times you’ve hurt me physically…”

Julie looked up at him and smiled sweetly. His arms were wrapped around her shoulders and her head on his chest.

"Hampas ng pagmamahal ko po yun."

"Mm.. well in that case, I love you too." And he lowered his lips to hers.

He kissed her slowly, savoring the moment. He brought his hand up to her cheeks, caressing it softly. He pulled away slightly, their lips now brushing against each other.

"Namiss kita." Peck.

"I missed you." He pulled her even closer and buried his face in her neck.

She shivered suddenly.


"Uh.. you could say," and she nudged his head up. He smirked. She playfully rolled her eyes and pulled away from him.

He pouted. “Baby. Saaan ka pupunta?”

She stood up and reached for her bag that was on the row of seats behind them. “Who’s the clingy one now?” She giggled. “Wait lang, may kukunin ako.” She reached into a small pocket in her bag.

"Moe? Can you help me with this?

It was the necklace. One of the few gifts that he was actually proud of giving her. He smiled fondly. “My pleasure.”

He took her hand and nudged her towards him, making her sit on his lap. Julie took her ponytail and held it to the side while he expertly clasped the necklace on.

"There." And he nuzzled the back of her neck, breathing in her scent.

"Thank you."

He stared at her briefly.

"O bakit nanaman?"

"I’m all over you today."

"Oo nga eh, ayaw mo kong bitawan." She teased.

"No, I mean…" He gestured towards her dress, her earrings and her necklace.

She blushed. “Ah… sabi ko sa’yo namiss kita eh. Discreet hints na rin yan.”

"Baby, di na yan discreet. It’s screaming ‘You’re mine!’ na."

"Then let it scream." She smiled.

They stayed like that for a moment, just enjoying each other’s presence and closeness.

Biglang bumusina yung van, and they heard their designated driver muttering a string of curses under his breath.

They both laughed. “Kuya Rolly, chill lang po. Baka maheart attack kayo.”

"Eh kasi naman tong mga jeep na to!" He shook his head. “O sige na, wag niyo kong pansinin. Magmoment na kayo."

At lalong natawa yung dalawa. “The best po talaga kayo.”

"Siyempre naman." and he gave them a wink.

Julie turned to the boy holding her again. “Baby, malapit na tayo oh. Bihis ka na.”

"Sige na nga, alam ko naman na excited ka talaga eh." He teased her.

"Eh ano ngayon? Baka gusto ko lang talaga makita yung abs mo." She stuck her tongue out playfully.

"Abs? Flabs palang to, baby. Just you wait." He laughed and let her pull away so he could take the shirt that was hanging at the back of the van.

"Wow. Terno pala tayo oh. Ang flowery. Hehe. Sabihin ng fans na pinagplanuhan natin to."

"But we didn’t."

"Yup. Destiny."

"Kung makadestiny ka naman diyan. Magbihis ka na."

"Eto na po!"

He took of the shirt he was currently wearing and Julie wolf-whistled. Bigla din niyang ni-hum yung intro ng “Careless Whisper.” Tumawa naman si Kuya Rolly. “Ang kulit niyo talaga.”

Nakatawa lang si Elmo and he poked her sides after finally putting the polo on.

Julie squirmed about and couldn’t stop giggling when he tickled her. “Sorry na! I just had to!”

"Buti nalang mahal kita."

"Aba, dapat lang." She winked. “Di ka na magpapalit ng pants?"

"You wish."

And she laughed harder. “Di no! Nagtatanong lang po!”

"Mhmm. Sure." He took her by her shoulders and pulled her towards him again.

Biglang dumilim yung paligid. He looked outside and found that they were already at the parking lot of the mall.

"That was way too fast." He pouted.

Julie pecked his pout. “May mamaya pa naman ah.”

"Mamaya? Ayaw mo bang umuwi?" He teased.

"Ayaw mo kong kasama magdinner?"

"Hehe. Siyempre gusto."

"Yun naman pala eh."

Kuya Rolly opened the van door and nauna si Elmo bumaba.

He guided Julie from the steps and he intertwined their fingers after she fixed herself. They started walking towards the mall entrance.

"Moe, baka may makakita."

"I’ll let go when we’re inside na. Every moment counts." He kissed the back of her hand.

She smiled and squeezed his hand. “Every moment counts.”

"I can’t believe pinayagan ka nanaman ni Mama na ihatid nalang ako."

He was ecstatic. “You better believe it baby.”

"Dapat sasama sila sa dinner eh. Tsk. Naniniwala na ko na good shot ka na talaga."

"Siyempre naman. Napakabehave ko kaya." Inakbayan niya si Julie habang pabalik sa van.

"Hmm. I’ll be the judge of that."

"Judge all you want baby, pero sa akin ka pa rin for a few more hours."

He climbed up the van and helped her up as well before shutting the door. Elmo took Julie’s earrings from his pocket and dropped it inside her bag.

"Pawis na pawis ka pa rin."

He took the tissue from her hand and helped her wipe her forehead, neck, down to her collarbone.

"Hep hep hep. Watch those hands." She murmured, her eyes closed.

"You seem to be enjoying it."

She tried to poke his side, but failing because she had her eyes closed. “Asan si Kuya?”

He looked out the window. “Baka nag CR lang.”

"Mm. Okay." Julie took out her phone and started checking her Twitter mentions.

Almost immediately, she felt her phone being ripped from her hands and two strong arms pulling her. He kissed her hard, his hands cupping her chin, his tongue darting in and out of her mouth. She moaned in surprise but accepted his kiss wholeheartedly. He rubbed circles on her hips, their heads tilting to each side in a simultaneous motion as they take each other in. The kiss slowed down, with her now nibbling softly on his lower lip.

"Julie. No." He groaned against her mouth.

"You brought it upon yourself, ikaw nagsimula." She whispered back and kissed him languidly.

"That’s it. I’ll-" Bumukas na yung pinto ng driver seat at sumakay na si Kuya Rolly.

Elmo pecked her lips one more time before fixing their positions, with her tucked under his arm.

"Saan po tayo?"

"Kuya sa condo ko po."

Julie sat up. “Sa condo mo? Kala ko magdidinner tayo?”

He nodded. “I know. Ipagluluto kita.”

She smiled and bit on her lower lip. “Ang sweet mo.”

"I think we deserve it, don’t you think? If we’re not going to be together like this for the next couple of days, sulitin na natin."

She nodded and goes back to her original position, the smile still evident on her face. “Ang sweet, sweet mo.”

"Sabi ko sa’yo behave ako eh."

She chuckled as she remembered the moment that transpired a few minutes before. “I beg to differ,” she muttered.


"Nothing. Sabi ko ang cute mo." She laughed, intertwining their fingers.

"I know. Kaya nga ako pinayagan ni Tita eh."

And she slapped him on the arm again.


"Love you."

"Bumabawi ah."

"Love you."


"Love you."

"Love you too. Che."

"Oh, hinay hinay lang. Hanggang mamaya pa kayo magkasama." Kuya Rolly. Natatawa nanaman siya.

They both couldn’t help but smile. Damn right they are.